Blue Lithium Power Systems

…are designed to provide uninterrupted service, for years under punishing marine conditions.

Bluecell uses proven Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry; the best choice for durability and safety. Our Australian made Battery Management technology improves lifetime, isolates damage, and optimizes system reliability.

Bluecell is a great choice to power 48V Marine Drives, store Solar energy, and provide accessory ‘House Load’ energy for your onboard comfort.

Typical Lithium Batteries Are:

Are your lithium batteries safe near water?

A Power System
Reinvented for Trust

What We Offer

A Bluecell System is several small batteries working together as a cluster. Each battery is has comprehensive Battery Management functions built-in; performing protective and optimizing functions.

A fine ‘granularity’ of management creates fault tolerance. Damage or component failure can cause a slow degradation of performance; but never a complete stop, as no single component failure can affect its neighbors. Built in test, indication and alarms built in make sure all problems are revealed early. The system is built for inspection, service and repair.

The system works to create mission critical power delivery.

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Robust System

Each Bluecell is a self contained 48V battery system. Battery management, interlocks, self-protection, sensors and intelligence are built in. Up to 254 Bluecells can network together through the proven MODBUS RTU datalink to provide status and allow management.
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Tough Waterproof
Mechanical Design

A 6061 Aluminium casing, 6 sealing orings, fully waterproof connectors, leak, humidity, pressure, shock and temperature sensors are built in. Bluecell is designed to survive immersion at 1m depth for 30min.

Designed and
Made In Australia

Bluecell is designed, made and assembled in Queensland. Bluelithium PL is an Australian Registered company ACN: 643 853 196.

Phone: +61 434 761 404
Corresondance address: 315 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah NSW 2484

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Military Grade
by Design

Designed to meet the MIL-STD-810 Environmental Test Standards,

Bluecell is a fault tolerant, high reliability system. 

Blue Lithium

Designed to be easy to inspect, service and repair
Designed for peace of mind on an open ocean

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